Two pieces of advice to teachers

  1. Create a wiki like Wikispaces, PB Wiki, Google Sites.
  2. Get a Google Account

Personal Learning Network

  1. Why have your own Google account? A link to a Prezi show.
  2. Wikispaces help.
  3. Best Educational Wikis of 2011.
  4. Top 5 Websites for Teachers to Use in their Classrooms
  5. Nine articles about 21st century education.
  6. YouTube Teachers. Create your own YouTube channel. See sample here.
  7. YouTube Education. Search for content to add to your channel.
  8. Google in Education
  9. iGoogle - Bring PD to your desktop using this Mashup.
  10. The Flipped Classroom
  11. 50 plus ways to tell a story- popular wiki by Alan Levine
  12. Cool Tools for Schools
  13. Playing with Media
  14. The link below is an RSS feed from
  15. Emerging Education Technologies

Ethics and Responsibility

  1. Teens Guide
  2. The Door that's Not Locked (Safety)
  3. Think Before you Post (Safety)
  4. Don't Let other's decide video

Finding Images
  1. Creative Commons Image Search
  2. Finding Creative Commons Media (Find Images and other media)>
  4. Behold - A visual image search engine for high quality creative commons images
  5. Flickr Advanced Search - at the bottom check off the box that reads "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.
  6. Stock Xchng - must have an account to download images
  7. Pics for Learning - Copyright friendly images for education
  8. PB World Database - mostly copyright friendly images
  9. Open Photo Project - Copyright information on each photo
  10. Free Pixels

Finding Music and Sound Effects
  1. Royalty Free music
  2. Freeplay music
  3. Make your own music with Aviary tools - Try Roc the Music Creator and the Myna the Audio Editor
  4. Loop Laps Music creator - Need an account to save and share your creations
  5. JamStudio - Create your own music
  6. Soundzabounds - Royalty free music for schools
  7. Soundsnap - Free sound effects and loops
  8. - Creative Commons music tracks
  9. ccmixter - Creative Commons music for film & video

Copyright Law
  1. Concordia University's Copyright Guide - How are teachers allowed to use music, recorded TV programs, etc. in the classroom.
  2. Canadian Copyright Laws - easy to read and understand.
  3. FairShare - Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used.
  4. Classroom Provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act
  5. Creative Commons Explained

Digital Literacy
  1. Digital Literacy for Grade 6-8 (Links to other grades on this page as well.)
  2. Internet Literacy Handbook – for parents, teachers, and students

Finding images and other content
  1. Copyright Friendly Wiki
  2. Finding Copyright Free Material - Alan Levine's CogDogRoo wiki page on finding copyright free media

Social Justice Projects

Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry

Environmental Projects

Global Citizenship Projects

Places to connect with classrooms around the world:

  • Class2Class -- a clearinghouse designed to facilitate student and class participation in Internet projects, including collaborative projects, data-collecting experiments, peer tutoring, and keypal exchanges designed to enhance the mathematics in your math, science and interdisciplinary curricula.
  • Epals Classroom Exchange -- join over 6.5 million students and educators around the world for discussions, projects, learning and more in the world's largest online classroom community.
  • Global Schoolhouse -- search over 100 current and future projects along with over 2000 completed projects or list your own project.
  • Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (IECC) -- helps teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom project exchanges.
  • Kidlink Projects
  • iEARN Canada>

English Language Arts

Science and Social Studies

  1. Discovery Channell Videos
  2. NBC Learn Videos
  3. Middle School Science Lesson Plans
  4. The Science Spot
  5. National Geographic Xpeditions
  6. Flash Earth
  7. Google Maps
  8. Panoramio
  9. BJ's Science Resources
  10. Simple Machines from Alberta
  11. Weather Links
  12. Diversity of Living Things
  13. The Animal Kingdom
  14. Flight Links
  15. Electricity Links
  16. Solar System


  1. Math Games from

Really Great Games (Critical Thinking?)

  1. Games for the Brain – Great brain gym stuff.
  2. ElectroCity - Make your own city and see the consequences.
  3. SIM SWEATSHOP - Make shoes in a third world country.
  4. Survival Activities
  5. Survive the Jungle - Discovery Survival Game
  6. Survival Games
  7. National Geographic Channel’s Games Site (Grades 3 and up):
  8. The Underground Railroad
  9. National Geographic Site Index