Grade 6

The 5 Cs: Creativity, Connecting, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking

Social Justice Projects

Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry

Environmental Projects

Global Citizenship Projects

Places to connect with classrooms around the world:

  • Class2Class -- a clearinghouse designed to facilitate student and class participation in Internet projects, including collaborative projects, data-collecting experiments, peer tutoring, and keypal exchanges designed to enhance the mathematics in your math, science and interdisciplinary curricula.
  • Epals Classroom Exchange -- join over 6.5 million students and educators around the world for discussions, projects, learning and more in the world's largest online classroom community.
  • Global Schoolhouse -- search over 100 current and future projects along with over 2000 completed projects or list your own project.
  • Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (IECC) -- helps teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom project exchanges.
  • Kidlink Projects
  • iEARN Canada>

Wordle - Generate word clouds from text you provide. Great for introducing new terms or concepts.
Tagxedo - Turn words into visually stunning tag clouds. Wordle on Steroids.4. ixl math


English Language Arts

  1. Spelling city Games
  2. Kidblog
  3. TEAM Kidblog
  4. Art Grade 5 Kidblog
  5. Google Form Survey


1. Virtual Manipulatives
2.Fun Brain Math
4. ixl math

Science and Social Studies

  1. Discovery Channell Videos
  2. NBC Learn Videos
  3. Middle School Science Lesson Plans
  4. The Science Spot
  5. National Geographic Xpeditions
  6. Flash Earth
  7. Google Maps
  8. Panoramio
  9. BJ's Science Resources
  10. Simple Machines from Alberta
  11. Weather Links
  12. Diversity of Living Things
  13. The Animal Kingdom
  14. Flight Links
  15. Electricity Links
  16. Solar System

Really Great Games (Critical Thinking?)

  1. Games for the Brain – Great brain gym stuff.
  2. ElectroCity - Make your own city and see the consequences.
  3. SIM SWEATSHOP - Make shoes in a third world country.
  4. Survival Activities
  5. Survive the Jungle - Discovery Survival Game
  6. Survival Games
  7. National Geographic Channel’s Games Site (Grades 3 and up):
  8. The Underground Railroad
  9. National Geographic Site Index

Fun Brain Math