Grade 2


Math Electronic Worksheets

Patterns and Relations

Shape and Space (Measurement)

Useful web site

Analog clock

Shape and Space (2D and 3D objects and shapes)

Statistics (Data Analysis

Poems, Songs, and Chants

Mouse skills, artistic


Web Resources

Storybird- Create or collaborate to create short stories. Tons of artwork to inspire you.
Imagination Cubed - Online drawing tools. Finish your drawing then replay to watch what you did. Save or print.
Wordle - Generate word clouds from text you provide. Great for introducing new terms or concepts.
Tagxedo - Turn words into visually stunning tag clouds. Wordle on Steroids.
ABC resource - some kind fo
Free Math Worksheets

Reader's Theatre Scripts

Pro Teacher
Teaching Heart
Timeless Teacher Stuff
Kenn Nesbitt Poems
Nursery Rhymes

Comic Life