Grade 1


Grade 1

Math Electronic Worksheets

Number and Counting

Patterns and Relations

Shape and Space (measurement)

Shape and Space (2D and 3D) Statistics - Data Management

ELA Electronic Worksheets

Mouse Skills/Creative

These files must be saved to the network or a computer. If double clicking on a file does not open Paint, right click a file and go to Open with - Paint.

Choral Reading

Web Resources

Handwriting for kids - manuscript and cursive writing worksheets to print.
Storybird - Create or collaborate to create short stories. Tons of artwork to inspire you.
Wordle - Generate word clouds from text you provide. Great for introducing new terms or concepts.
Tagxedo - Turn words into visually stunning tag clouds. Wordle on Steroids.

Reader's Theatre Scripts

Pro Teacher
Teaching Heart
Timeless Teacher Stuff
Kenn Nesbitt Poems
Nursery Rhymes